With over 20 years’ experience in the health and social care sector, Jeni Liversidge and Claire Savage launched their own company, ‘Inavision’ in 2011.

Inavision runs from Harry Brearley House, Fox Valley, Stocksbridge, Sheffield, providing flexible training programmes for a wider range of organisations and individuals.

Inavision can deliver Health & Social Care apprenticeships, having been successful in the application for the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (ROATP) in March 2017 as a supporting route provider.

Accredited by Highfield, Level 3 qualifications in First Aid, Paediatric First Aid and Food Hygiene are part of their portfolio, alongside other short bespoke courses in Fire Marshal, Safeguarding, Moving & Handling (People & Objects) Prevent & British Values, Bereavement and Loss, Dementia Awareness, Medication Awareness, Dignity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
This list isn’t exhaustive, if there is a subject that you need to have taught in your setting, just ask, if it’s in the realm of Inavisions experience, a programme can be delivered.

Longer professional development courses are also delivered, such as:
Assessment & Verification qualifications (CAVA & IQA) and Teaching & Training Qualifications.

All training packages can be truly flexible; a training & development plan will be created with the best interest for all parties in mind including requirements or recommendations from external stakeholders such as the Fire Service or CQC.

Training can be delivered and managed on your behalf, freeing up a significant amount of your time.
Inavision has a corporate and a social side to its mission and vision; therefore, they are keen to work with individuals and community led volunteer groups and associations in addition to organisations.

‘So many people dedicate their time and energy volunteering for others in this country – we want to support those people!’

Inavision believes that the training delivered does not only have an impact on the student or the business, there are always others who are the end of that training, a client or a customer.

‘We don’t produce widgets, we produce people skills. Those competencies and deepened knowledge, provide quality skills and understanding across the community’